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Welcome to my journey of creating energetic natural wines with a Pfalz Terroir since 2020.

Persuing the family tradition – nothing added nothing taken away!

of all wines_

hand picked 
wild fermented
nothing added (*except sulfur)
no filtration

I don’t see this as a dogmatic approach but as guidelines and values that on one hand provide enough space for an authentic wine to evolve and on the other hand are a promise to the customer.


Genius Loci_

The area around Großkarlbach in the Pfalz, which is situated at the edge of the valley on the left bank of the river Rhine, is one of the sunniest and driest regions in Germany, but is still considered a cool climate setting on a global scale. The terroir consist mainly of weathered tertiary limestone and periglacial Loess formations.


Follow us to get some personal insights.


Like with humans a personality and character only unfolds in an environment with space for development and freedom, so I do not see myself as a winemaker more as a vintner that gently guides the wine on its way into the bottle without suppressing it on a fixed and defined path.

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of natural simplicity_

A key idea of my wines and the low-intervention approach is to preserve and focus on the the natural given compounds as they are simply enough to develop and transform the juice into a complex and balanced wine.




Where I see the wine more as a picture drawn by nature, the label should be my very own canvas where I want to express my artistic vein and give the product my personal touch. Therefore I partnered up with my friend and talented artist Antonia Zajgla to illustrate different scenes of senses engaging you to experience the wines as a whole and on various levels.


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